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Telycam Authorization Reseller


Telycam (Telecam Technology Co.,Ltd) is a professional manufacturer of PTZ Cameras for video conferencing and live streaming. Involved in the audiovisual industry since 2014, Telycam integrates the advantages of a stable supply chain, well-organized manufacturing, powerful R&D capability, and professional services, aiming to bring the best audiovisual solutions to our users.


Telycam Focuses on Independent R&D

Driven by innovation and quality, Telycam invests 18% of its sales profit into research and development every year. Backed up with more than 10 years of working experience and profound industry background, our R&D team is dedicated to improving the comprehensive performance of our cameras.

 To ensure the optimal and functional performance, a new camera model has to be tested and tweaked for hundreds of times before its release.


TLC-700-IP-30x-4K60P (NDI)


TLC-700-IP-35x-4K30P (NDI)


TLC-300-IP-12x-4K30P (NDI)


TLC-300-IP-20x-1080P60 (NDI)


TLC-300-IP-12x-1080P60 (NDI)


TLC-50 PTZ Control

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