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What's New in version 3.9

  • NDI has been upgraded to version 5.0.

  • Adobe CC Fonts are now supported.

  • Several new sample projects, templates and presets have been added. New samples include esports, tennis, basketball, soccer, 9ball pool, economy, news channel and more …

New Data Sources
  • The new Bloomberg Access license option enables the BLP Data Source for real-time financial data retrieval from Bloomberg Professional Services.

  • The Key-Value data source is now capable of receiving Daktronics RTD streams over UDP or serial connection.

  • Support for WebSocket data connections has been added to the Key-Value data source. Two formats are currently recognized: CW’s own Key-Value data format and the Equipe ATU Connector output.

  • XQuery processor for the XML/JSON data source now provides a new built-in function for easy Google Sheets API v4 connection setup.

Data Source Improvements
  • The new Safe Editing button provides finer control over the data source update mechanism, making it possible to choose speed over safety when doing manual data source updates.

  • Data Editor UI now offers new single and dual selection modes that employ radio-buttons to make it easier and quicker to determine which data rows are to be included in the data set.

  • ODBC queries are now handled by independent child processes, isolating query execution from CW operation for improved performance and shielding from problematic ODBC driver implementations.

Text Layer Improvements
  • New vertical layout modes, vertical-left-to-right and vertical-right-to-left, have been added, the latter being particularly useful for displaying traditional writing in East Asian scripts, such as Japanese and Korean.

  • A new CWML child selector mode, called sign, performs child layer selection based on the sign of the data item numeric value (e.g. display up/down arrow to show if a value increased/decreased).

  • Live Source audio gain (volume) can be controlled via a newly-added slider.

  • The UV Add material block performs weighted addition of two input UV sets, making it possible to implement flow-map-like visual effects.


Rendering Engine

Real-time, multi-core, GPU-based, Full-HD, true 3D rendering engine, with smooth multi-channel Tricaster/Decklink output.

Supports a virtually unlimited number of 3D-transformable, keyframe-animated layers and compositions.

Shader-based Materials

Hundreds of ready-to-use material presets, ranging from basic gradients to beautiful lens flares. Procedurally-generated, real-time materials for animated backgrounds that are ever changing and never repeating.

Feeling creative? Our advanced material engine lets you combine building blocks to construct complex shaders without writing a single line of code.

Data Source Engine
Text Renderer

Flexible, dynamic, high-quality anti-aliased smooth-scrolling Unicode text.

Embed any animated layer within text, and integrate and format data from shared real-time data sources (Twitter, RSS, external databases and files, wall clock, counters, etc.).

Price / Performance

With CharacterWorks, you can easily do what software that costs ten times as much can do… And more…

CharacterWorks goes beyond the state-of-the-art to give you innovative features and a smooth, integrated workflow not found in any competing product in its price range.

User Interface

Seamlessly integrate data from outside real-time sources with no need for any external modules.

Supported sources include: Twitter, XML/JSON through XQuery (including RSS) and external databases through ODBC / SQL (including MySQL, Access, Excel).

Functional, yet attractive. Intuitive, drag’n-drop-based, ultra-responsive.

Fully-customizable layout, dockable/tearable windows, easily adaptable to multi-monitor setups.

Image & Video Support

A wide range of popular image and video codecs and formats (complete list), including 16-bit and floating-point images.

Full-HD video and image sequence playback. Video and image layers can be transformed in 3D and shader effects can be applied in real-time.

Interactive Editing

Edit CG elements and observe the results immediately in realtime.

In addition, the preview channel helps you try out your automation setups.

Jump-Start Production

Use, modify and adapt the provided templates to quickly start production.

In addition, export your own templates to reuse them in future productions.

Automation Engine
Playback Control
Tight integration with TriCaster

Define flexible behaviours that automate playback or data retrieval based on events, without any need for scripting.

The Automation Editor allows you to schedule behaviors, including playback of CW graphics elements or remote invocation of Tricaster functionality, at specified wall-clock times.

Use the versatile quick-edit feature and playback controllers to edit, filter, play and preview multiple CG elements in a practical and efficient manner.

CharacterWorks graphics can be edited and triggered remotely from TriCaster, allowing a single operator to control both TriCaster and CW.

Conversely, many TriCaster functions can be invoked from CW. With CW’s automation features, advanced setups are possible, e.g. video clips can be scheduled for playback on TriCaster at specified times or synchronized with playback of CW graphics.

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