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Deliver the best fan experience, the biggest events, and top-tier sponsor value with the most complete sports production systems on the planet—3Play.

3Play 3P2


The Best Plays, Played Better.

  • Ultra-high definition 2160p60 & end-to-end IP connectivity

  • 8 x NDI & 4 x 3G-SDI inputs

  • Shareable Playlists for better collaboration

  • 10-channel live replay—8-in, 2-out

  • Playback zoom & tracking for area of interest replays

  • Integrated dual-channel telestration with remote transport control

3Play 3P1


End-to-end IP video replay and sports production.

  • NDI® and 3G-SDI I/O

  • Video resolutions up to 1080p60

  • Real-time telestration

  • Control surface included

  • 6-channel live replay—4-in, 2-out

  • Record and playback simultaneously

  • Integrated dual-channel telestration with remote transport control

3Play 425


Get in the game—for less.

  • Entry-level slow motion and replay

  • Video resolutions up to 1080p30

  • Compact, 2RU design fits in control rooms and production vehicles

  • 6-channel live replay—4-camera capture, 2-channel delivery to feed video boards or broadcast

  • Optional control surface

  • Capabilities for slow-motion playback

The Ultimate in Connected Production Workflow
Combined with NewTek’s industry-leading live production systems and control surfaces, 3Play® 3P2 offers the most complete, cost-effective, end-to-end IP based live event production workflow ever available
from a single solution supplier.
Elevate Your Sports Production Powerhouse
Not only does 3Play® 3P2 offer stunning 4K for the first time, but an array of new features means the quality of your production will never suffer and deliver the most professional of streams, always.
  • Ultra-high definition 2160p60

  • Mix of 8 inputs via NDI®, 4 inputs of SDI, and 2 outputs of SDI or NDI®.

  • 10 channel replay system

  • 8 Concurrent capture streams

  • Dual-Channel First Replay Telestration

  • Playback zoom and tracking - Give fans the best view of every critical and controversial plays in real time, slow motion, or frame-by-frame. Quickly zoom in and out of replays.

  • Access shareable playlists; operators can simply sync the entire playlists on the network which can be tagged with player names or numbers.

  • Full transitions, audio & sound effects

  • Integrated dual-channel telestration

3play1 main.jpg
3Play 3P1 is the most cost-effective, easy to use,
and powerful IP replay solution in the world.
  • 3G SDI, hybrid, and end-to-end IP connectivity

  • Support for up to 4 external inputs and 2 outputs - SDI or NDI

  • 4 multi-viewer outputs

  • Synchronized, continuous, full-resolution capture

  • Record and playback simultaneously

  • Preview all angles simultaneously while recording and playing back video

  • Show all angles of recording synced on output

  • Build playlists with full transitions, audio, sound effects, and stinger animations

  • Per output overlays with positioning and transitions

  • Integrated dual-channel telestration with remote transport control

  • LivePanel™ option to build browser-based user interfaces and workflows

  • Multi-purpose video server with clip preview

  • Real-time social media export or transcode files for immediate delivery

  • Import external video, audio, and stills in common formats

  • Intuitive asset management and tagging system

  • Automation with custom macro commands

  • Support for MIDI, GPI, AMP protocol, and much more…

425 main.jpg
Level the playing field for dramatic live production.
product-3p425-model  png.png
With 3Play 425, local producers can deliver high-impact sports and events that grow an audience, while visually branding their shows just like the major leagues and networks.
Instant replay, dramatic slow motion, and real-time highlights production are available at your fingertips with this practical, powerfully efficient system.
425  png.png

Enter the world of replay

(and beyond) with:

  • The most professional instant replay system available for under $10k

  • 4-camera capture, 2-channel delivery to feed video boards or broadcast

  • Seamless mixing of live video with assets from your media library

  • Capabilities for slow-motion playback