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Both NDI and NDI|HX
Cover all your needs


KILOVIEW N60 is a brand-new full-function NDI converter. Adopting the leading FPGA technologies, advanced-level AVC/HEVC algorithm, and NDI algorithm, KILOVIEW N60 supports 4Kp60 format encoding/decoding with both NDI High-bandwidth and NDI|HX, meeting all your demands and applications of IP-based video transmission.


Encoding & Decoding Converter


  • KILOVIEW N60 supports encoding/decoding of H.264 / H.265 into NDI / NDI|HX. 

  • In the encoding mode, KILOVIEW N60 can encode a 4K HDMI signal into an NDI or NDI|HX video steam. In the decoding mode, KILOVIEW N60 will automatically adapt the NDI and NDI|HX format as your end needs. 

  • KILOVIEW N60 will take care of your 4Kp60 video transmission. 

  • Better color performance: Up to YCbCr 4:2:2 and 10bits color depth

  • High quality ultra-low latency of end-to-end transmission, With ultra-low end-to-end latency, KILOVIEW N60 is a powerful bi-directional converter that supports every second of your 4K video transmission over IP. 

  • Large-sized Color LCD Screen and Scroll WheelAs an upgrade of KILOVIEW N6, N60 is designed for better user experiences. A big color LCD screen and a scroll wheel enable you to customize settings, switch on/off, set quick shortcuts, and control all video sources with preeminent ease.

  • Audio and IntercomKILOVIEW N60 supports an extended USB audio interface (e.g., USB headset), to let you have end-to-end real-time intercom among the KILOVIEW devices operators and the associated KILOVIEW Intercom System (KIS) group.

  • PTZ ControlKILOVIEW N60 supports PTZ control through USB to serial RS-232/RS-485/RS-422.

  • N60 also adopts Network control protocols (such as Sony Visca/PELCO-D/PELCO-P) for external PTZ control.

  • Power Supply: PoE and DCKILOVIEW N60 has 2 interfaces of Ethernet, one supports PoE(IEEE 802.3AT)power supply.  Just plug in a network cable, and you can easily access both the power supply and network transmission. It also supports DC 12V power supply and can easily power the device with a portable charger or camera battery.  

USB Extension

N60 has both USB 3.0 Type-A and USB 3.0 Type-C interfaces for you to :

  1. Access a Web Camera via USB 3.0 Type-A as a video input source for encoding;

  2. Connect to your PC via USB 3.0 Type-C as a USB video input;

  3. Control PTZ Camera via USB expansion.


With USB extensions available, you can achieve unlimited possibilities by seamlessly bringing NDI technology to your applications such as video conferencing, image processing, PTZ camera control, and more.

* Note: As an advanced function, you need licenses for full functions

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