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Kiloview N4 for NDI® 1080P60 HDMI 2.0 NDI Encoder/Decoder


Kiloview N4 for NDI® supports up to HD 1080P60 video input (Encoder) or 1080P60 video output (Decoder). This converter is small and compact enough to put in your pocket with the overall size of 100*80*24mm. It features an HDMI2.0 input and HDMI2.0 loop through for view on the monitor while NDI® streaming, or HDMI 2.0 output while decoding. A tally system with a big tally light is built-in for indicating which camera is in program or preview. It also has the 3.5mm audio input/output which supports intercom (a Kiloview software required). 


Kiloview N4 for NDI® has a wide DC input range from 5V to 18V, so it can be easily powered by USB, power bank or camera battery, it can also be powered over Ethernet (PoE). A threaded screw camera mount is provided for your mounting on a camera. PTZ interface by USB adapter is supported. 


The N4 for NDI® is also compatible with Kiloview IMS software to help with the device management, NDI source management, remote configuration and upgrading, etc.. 

  • Full NDI 4Kp30 

  • HDMI 2.0 

  • YCbCr 4: 2: 2 NDI® encoding ensures excellent picture quality, lossless audio encoding ensures high-fidelity sound quality.

  • Tally, power indicator, connection status indicator

  • 1*RJ45  (with POE)

  • 3.5mm Headphone

  • 1×NDI® encoding or 1x NDI® decoding 

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