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Medical Device& Healthcare

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Turnkey solutions from NewTek that offer next-generation connectivity empowering the next generation. 


Moving to a whole new way of delivering education and still ensuring that learners are engaged requires a new mindset and the technology to match. NewTek provides scalable solutions that can adapt to the fast-past world of education and be used by both teachers and students alike, wherever they are in the world.

Siriraj Hospital – Medical Monitoring System

operation room
Kiloview converter
Live Panel

          With its mission to provide the highest standard of medical care, and to provide education and training to medical students, Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand.

          This user-friendly video setup mixes video signals from the NDI® pan/tilt/zoom cameras with data output from medical devices in the operating room to give students and doctors a better understanding of the patient’s care.

           Now They use NDI in 3 operation room and may have more room soon. They use NewTek TriCaster® TC1 and TriCaster Mini 4K depending on the no. of source in the room.

           Look at the diagram, just convert DVI/HDMI port from the medical devices to NDI and connect it switcher hub. And you can control it with Live control panel / switcher or computer. This picture is Live panel that we setup for the doctor. Just press the bottom for switch and operation. Easy to use. They didn’t know that now they’ve already controlled the switcher.

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