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Pro AV
& Live Streaming


Pro AV & Live Streaming

From corporate AV to education, live events to houses
of worship, NewTek products with native NDI® offer limitless possibilities.

From acquisition to delivery, NewTek’s native NDI® products work seamlessly together for complete corporate AV workflows. End-to-end video production over IP with NDI® delivers a compelling corporate AV experience for press conferences, live events, annual meetings, training, announcements, and more. No wonder over 80% of Fortune 100 companies use NewTek systems.

Live Event.
With NewTek systems, anyone can create compelling, professional looking video that looks like TV networks. Easily add virtual sets, graphics, and data. Capture, produce and stream events with simplicity. Switch shows with unparalleled ease using LivePanel. MediaDS allows programs to be streamed with greater simplicity than any device on the market.

NewTek’s integrated video production systems provide students with real-world media communications skills that will benefit them far into the future. Implementing NDI makes it possible for everyone on your campus network to share inputs and outputs making all of your video content seamless available. Add NewTek’s NDI® PTZ cameras, designed to work with the most popular lecture capture software, including Panopto and Sonic Foundry, and you have the perfect lecture capture solution. All of which can be controlled by a simple interface on a mobile device. NewTek’s education solutions get the highest marks from educators and system integrators for ease of use, affordability, and connectivity.

Maxina Studio Professional film and video equipment.

PTZ camera
Music video
PTT live

      Now in Thailand many TV channel do an online show in Line TV / Youtube and website. It has an effective than normal TV. Because you can watch the show backwards anytime and they can know the feedback from the viewer real-time.
     This event call “GMM save house SS1” set-up by Maxina Studio Professional film and video equipment.  They have 8 famous actors (covid-19 vaccine and test negative) live in closed house for 24Hrs/7 days. No camera man no staff in the house.  Just connect PTZ / hand-held camera with LAN cable. Setup a camera preset. Only 4-5 peoples controlling the camera outside the house.  They got 9000-40,000 live viewer/Hrs. More than 1-2 million view/clip. This event uses Full NDI system with FHD/4K resolution. They use 9 Newtek PTZ UHD and PTZ2 camera. 
Now SS3 already over.

Event youtube:

ideal 8 studio

AV control
Telycam PTZ
Live event

      ideal8 Co., Ltd. located in Bangkok, Thailand. They're profession in audio and video. They've 3Floor of studio and many AV equipment, also NewTek TriCaster TC1 and NDI PTZ Camera. They do a rental service and live production.

Khotkool channel (โคตรคูล)

Live streaming
NDI control
NewTek PTZ
NewTek PTZ

         One of the most successful entertainment industry is YouTube channels. 'Khot Cool', by Thai singer Mr.Oat Pramote, who currently has 2.33 million followers on the channel, not including those who buy ads. The tie-in is said to appear in almost every video clip.

         Although there are many types of content creation on YouTube, there are many types of content. But what most people are looking for is inevitable. 'Entertainment content' that will help relieve stress after a tiring day. And most importantly, it must be content that is easy to understand. It doesn't need to be very complicated.

        K.Oat choose NewTek PTZ UHD (4K60P) for their new mini studio. This studio is a location for their new channel "Khot cool live".

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