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House of Worship

Build a thriving community of believers.

From creating personal connections with congregants to reaching into the neighborhood and beyond, video is increasingly important to fulfilling your spiritual mission. NewTek multi-camera live video production solutions put your message in the spotlight and allow you to reach more worshipers —without letting technology get in the way.

  • Widen your borders. Live stream services to remote members or bring in video calls from guests around the world.

  • Reach the next generation. One-button social media sharing engages your tech-savvy followers, and allows volunteer producers to take more ownership of outreach.

  • Increase service participation. Mix cameras and video with interactive content like lyrics and inspiring passages.

  • Grow fundraising avenues. Capturing whole seasons of services provides rich archives, opening new opportunities to create themed programs or highlights for compilations and donor gifts.

Wat Na Pa Pong

Wat na pa pong
Wat na pa pong
Wat na Pa Pong
Wat na pa pong

          Wat Na Pa Pong is a famous Buddhist temple in Thailand. People come to the temple from many cities, locally and globally, with followers from more than 30 countries. To better serve the growing interest in Buddhawajana, Wat Na Pa Pong has embraced modern technology in their strategies.
           In the past, Wat Na Pa Pong had used an analog system. They had issues with image jitter during their live broadcast at times.  For new system, they use NewTek Tricaster TC1 woth FULL Function of NDI system such as NDI Scan Converter, NDI Studio Monitor, NDI Virtual Input (Send screen from TriCaster to “Line conference”, NDI HX Capture (Capture screen from Ipad), NDI Hx Camera (add more camera from mobile phone). 
           Now Wat Pa Na Phong use 100% NDI system with 7 destinations streaming everyday (3 Facebook page, 3 youtube channel, 1 RTMP). When Ajarn KUKRIT,Head of the Sangha went to another country, he use SkypeTX to share their live streaming realtime with less than 1 sec delay.

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