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Communicate. Innovate. Educate.

Turnkey solutions from NewTek that offer next-generation connectivity empowering the next generation. 


Moving to a whole new way of delivering education and still ensuring that learners are engaged requires a new mindset and the technology to match. NewTek provides scalable solutions that can adapt to the fast-past world of education and be used by both teachers and students alike, wherever they are in the world.

Empowering the Future of Education
NewTek’s TriCaster and NDI help transformed today’s classroom into a modern hybrid learning environment.


Increase communication, engagement and access with video. Affordable production solutions for government.

For national agencies, state governments and local communities, media outreach is essential to earning the trust and support of constituents. More than ever before, citizens are demanding to be informed, be heard and interact with officials. NewTek’s video solutions provide the platform for the modern administration to perform civic duties and address the important issues, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Lead community involvement. Produce high-quality, television-style coverage of your entire calendar, from legislative sessions to local events, encouraging participation and engagement.

Prepare for emergencies. Be ready and able to deliver critical communication immediately with portable, professional equipment requiring minimal setup, coordination time, or technical prowess.
Control the message. Deliver public announcements with clarity and consistency, reinforcing positions with live statements, interviews, presentations, video clips, text, graphics, and more.
Raise constituency awareness. Empower citizens with live, on-demand, and social media access to current, accurate, and credible information, wherever they are, and on whatever devices they use.

Suratthani Rajabhat University


       Suratthani Rajabhat University is a big university located in Surat Thani Province on the South of Thailand. They have 8 faculties and more than 16000 students.

       Since 2020, The school and university in Thailand close for long-period. But the teaching must go on. The teacher needs to do a content for their Online Learning.

       To make it fun, lively and interesting. They build their new studio, every faculty can use this central studio to create their content. They start from NewTek Tricaster Mini 4K and just upgraded to Tricaster TC1 Pro. To build new "Network Broadcasting Center" for live streaming event.

       From the picture, only 2 teachers in the studio and 2 staffs in control room. The 3rd teacher use Skype Tx call from her home. Powered of NewTek Tricaster, it can combine the source, look like they live in the same room.

       This setup is a role model of NewTek NDI for another University in South of Thailand. 


       Suranaree University of Technology is a big university located in Nakorn Ratchasima Province . 

The First Public Autonomous University in Thailand

·           University of Innovation

·           Society’s Companion University

·           The First University of Technology in Thailand

       Suranaree University of Technology, specializing in science and technology, is determined to create research output; to adapt, transfer and advance technology for the sustainable progress of society; producing graduates with quality, knowledge and integrity leading to wisdom; providing

academic services to the public; and to nourish the arts and culture by adhering to the principles of academic freedom and good governance in administration.

       They've a big production and big NDI workflow. More than 20 NDI devices such as NewTek VMC1 for monitoring, NewTek TriCaster TC1 for live production. 3 of NewTek Mini SDI for Mini OB with Sony ndi camera and many more NDI converter.

University in Songkhla

แพทย์ ม.สงขลา
แพทย์ ม.สงขลา

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