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C1 MINI 3G HD SDI to HDMI/VGA/AV Video Converter.

C1 mini video converter can convert 1 CH SDI to HDMI without damage, splitting and converting SDI audio signal then embedded into HDMI signal, which realizes the simultaneous output of audio and video.

Main features

For broadcast and TV production, it can take HDMI displayer (TV, Display) as SDI monitor, no need to pay extra cost for expensive SDI monitor.

For public video surveillance/ security/ education and other fields, it can convert SDI signal to HDMI signal.


Broadcast-level conversion technology, realizing lossless, zero delay output, as well as video editing auxiliary functions.

  • Adopting FPGA image processing technology to realize 10bits lossless image conversion.

  • Supporting function like image safety frame, audio column, centre cross (User can turn on the switch by the bottom dial)

High compatibility, compatible with various common SDI and HDMI signal in the industry.

  • The output supports the most widely-used HDMI 1.4 version(and below), SDI audio signal can be embedded into HDMI signal.

Ingenious quality, 7*24 h working, SDK for secondary development.

  • Kiloview has obtained the official authorization of the HDMI Alliance and passed the EMC electromagnetic compatibility test, which means that the product has passed the most stringent compatibility and reliability testing.

​Low power and wide voltage, strong environmental adaptability.

  • Support 5~16V voltage, powered by normal power bank

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