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Winning production for competitive gaming.
Level up with the leader in IP video.

From esports leagues and tournaments, to online platforms and game developers, NewTek’s software-driven video technology lets players, producers, and publishers plug directly into the action—and to the global gaming community.


With a range of video production solutions for sourcing, switching, streaming, recording, and social networking, NewTek has the tools you need to build your brand and create a broadcast-quality experience for viewers, subscribers, and spectators in resolutions up to 1080p and 4K UHD at 60fps.

Change the game.
Experience esports production that runs like a well-oiled broadcast machine. With software-driven processing and IP-based production, NewTek solutions reduce the complexity and cost of mixing gaming PCs and consoles with professional video gear.

Conquer every environment.
From sold-out arenas, to high-traffic conventions, to full-throttle broadcasts, NewTek solutions offer the scalability, flexibility, and high-performance capabilities to drive esports productions of any size or scope.

Powerful Production

       Powerful Production is a full-service video production company and rental service that specializes in producing live streaming events, particularly eSports tournaments.

       There are many video sources that need to come from computers, game consoles, and even smart phones. There are also many kinds of data overlays required to keep track of the scores and other stats.
       Every request can support by NewTek TriCaster. Focusing on the big event last year “Garena ROV world cup 2021” due to covid-19 in Thailand. Garena can’t use their studio to do a production. 
The government announcement you can live only 5-10 peoples in the same room. So, they ask us for help. Like in the slide, they rent our office 3 rooms.

       Their staff live separately. All room connect with LAN cable. If you use NewTek NDI, you can make a content anywhere, anytime

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Replay. Elevate. Captivate

Being on the field or in the stadium doesn’t always mean you’re seeing every moment of the action. NewTek sports production solutions offer complete on-air, live streaming, and in-venue sports production at any level, from local teams and, leagues to schools, and broadcasters.

There’s nothing like scoring courtside seats or being right on the goal line for that unforgettable sporting moment – until there is. NewTek sports production solutions offer a wealth of products and tools that take the fan’s experience to another level.

NewTek offers replay solutions with scores of built-in capabilities like dramatic slow motion and visual effects at a fraction of the price of other solutions.

The most complete, cost-effective, end-to-end IP based live event production workflow ever available from a single solution supplier is here, with NewTek products and the power of NDI®.



          Previously Thai LPGA use the services of third-party video production companies or hired an OB truck to manage all of the production and streaming. But these services comes with a significant cost. (Around $6000-8000/ racetrack) And the Thai LPGA didn’t have direct creative control over the program look, production, and streaming.

         So they wanna change their system, wanna control all by themselves. They ask us for advices and from the start they choose Mini4K for switching and streaming. But they need more sources so they upgrade to TriCaster TC1 and use 3Play2 for slow motion. They use Lan cable for connecting and Fiber optic for long-distance Holes.

         You can use an SDI/HDMI converter to changed your old hand-held camera or PTZ camera to support NDI

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Thai Boxing


      Continue Production Film Production base in Bangkok, Thailand.  They do a rental service and live production for many Thai boxing event in Thailand such as Excite Friday Boxing – True4U channel. They use NewTek 3Play1 for slow motion.

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